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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 10, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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60 demonstrators and a large sign outside of the city council. they're concerned about what they describe as excessive use of force during a black lives matter demonstration. tonight the council will consider possible restrictions by the police department of batons rubber bullets and tear gas. let's again with berkeley city councilman. >> i think protests are part of our dna. we should be protecting public safety. >> what began as peaceful against police violence in ferguson missouri led to vandalism, tear gas and juf ficks for use of that force by the berkeley police department >> a violent crowd. there is a lot of police taking
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projectiles. there were 25 mofrs injured. >> and how to prevent what happened from happening again depends on who you asked. uc berkeley student organized march and said police made the evening worse, not better with their actions. >> i think we don't need those weaponry to enforce control. >> the council of the city and faith based movement came to life will vote on resolution that's will put body cams on police officers and possibly regulate the use of tear gas and bot ones. >> the issue is how to make an approach to apprehend people in
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those arrests. >> it's a differ perspective dealing with situations that are unfolding in seconds, rather than months. >> that is just a little bit of the debate. more we'll hear tonight of one thing all parties agree is that this will be a long city council meeting. it is berkeley, after all. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> thank you wayne. a load of liquid nitrogen is spewing from a truck right now. emergency crews had to vent the gap when the tanker flip over. the onramp will remain closed until 9:00. >> police say a man entered a man's rest room and used a
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picture to of a cell phone. and saying it was a community center last summer. a television sports anchor is alive after being shot outside of his home. video of the scene shows a silver mercedes-benz with rear window shot out. police say athe tackers drove off in a van for the san diego cbs affiliate. >> scenery could spread if it goes on longer. workers are refusing to do they claim are not about money. >> that is right. these striking workers are out
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here, 24-7. this is essentially shut down but there are trucks coming in. if the trucks try to use this behind me things can start to heat up. >> let me hear that horn for safety. thank you for your support. >> after the watchful eye of security, the strike has been peaceful but there have been moments of tension like when the trucks going in, or out, try to cross the line. >> we want to go home at the end of the shift z we want to protect the community as well. >> tesoro martinez is one of the 11 refineries where workers are on strike they say the big issues are health and safety hoshgs not money. >> make sure trying to pro long things as long as they can go. overtime is a big thing. people work 24 hours, rotating
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shifts. >> the safety issue created an alliance between a union and environmental groups. >> we want to make sure there aren't fires and explosions. to do that workers need power. >> bargaining is being done at the national level. talks just resumed today. after several days off. in a statement, the company said, quote tesoro's refinery idle units is now operating as a terminal and as and will continue to bargain in good faith. we're committed to reaching a fair agreement. if the strike goes on much longer it could spread to other refineries including shell, and chevron if the bay area. >> gas prices could start to go up more than they already have because of the uncertainty created by a prolonged work stoppage. in martinez laura anthony abc7 news.
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>> the rising price of crude oil is what is being blamed for a $0.07 increase maybe you'll notice. triple a puts average price at $2.65 in our area prices range from $2.56 a gallon to $2.60 in fremont. and $2.65 in san jose. and $2.75 in marin, almost a dollar per gallon less than last year. >> southern california's reliance on oil is a key component. four measures include cutting in half and generate at least 50% of the electricity from renewable sources and forcing the state's largest pension funds to sell off investments in coal companies >> we're cleaning the air. improving the quality of life and breathing for californians and doing our part.
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leading not just the nation but the world. in dealing with climate change. >> they're expected to end up on the desk with democrats holding a majority of seats in the senate and assembly. >> pga onned e says it wants to install a large network of charging stations. 25,000 stations would be the largest of its kind in the country. the plant is running into opposition. abc7 news reporter david louie is in san jose. >> cities and employers have been partnered with companies for charge point where electric vehicle owners need them. >> our proposal would help increase overall size of the electric market. that is just a huge opportunity. >> the costs have not been released. idea of a regulated public
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utility going into competition concerns executives at charge point and campbell. it has 9,000 stations in california. >> why not let california do what california does best company that's go after great businesses and let that serve and what you'll get is the shortest amount of time. >> the proposal and parking garages and stores. the idea is that some electric vehicle shoppers people concerned were to recharge if they don't work were companies have them. >> we're glad companies are providing chargers to employees that is great. but and it's perfect. >> all 25,000
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stations will provide level two charge >> it will take about a year to review the plan these stations should be online in about two years. in san jose david louie, abc7 news. >> president obama has a plan for investing in clean energy and will announce it when he comes to the bay area on friday the goal to raise $2 billion from the private sector. and all its retail stores in california. >> still head tonight here on abc7 news, another step toward the ambitious goal of eliminating pedestrian accidents
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s there room for everyone on the streets of san francisco? >> i'm spencer christian. clear skies and a big warm up coming our way. we may see record highs by the end of the week. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> you have questions about covered california? we have answers heck this out. you can call them right now. >> thanks, later a celebrity shootout the world series giants and 49ers legend
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breaking news at the top of
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the broadcast tonight and throughout the hour. this is a live picture from sky seven hd. protestors are marching to city hall. for a time blocking traffic at a major intersection, now marching peacefully tonight and so far no issues but you can see they're out in large numbers in berkeley we'll continue to follow progress here, tonight. including body cameras and rubber bullets. >> alameda county and correctional health care provider have agreed to the largest wrongful death settlement in california history filed by a family of a man who died in santa rita
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jail. >> martin harrison's dult children say his death won't be in vain. after four years of legal wrangling, horizon health consultants agreed to settle for $8.3 million. horizon provides health care for santa rita jail and hundreds of prisons around the country. harrison family attorneys say he was using unqualified licensed vocational nurses to do the work of registered nurses at santa rita jail and other facilities in the state. >> which by state law are not qualified to do that kind of work. so inmates were getting unqualified people treating them, checking their problems >> including martin harrison jailed after being arrested on a bench warrant related to a dui
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arrest. harrison told a vocational nurse he was an alcoholic and suffered from alcohol withdrawals. he was jailed anyway, without proper treatment. dr. harold orr said harrison never told the nurse he was a alcoholic and the vocational nurse was legally screening during intake under terms of the contract with alameda county. >> she asked him three different times to determine the nature and extent of the drinking problem. he went into alcohol withdrawal, which included hallucinations. lawyer haddad says deputies used excessive force, resulting in his death. >> ten deputies, beat, kicked, taized him. they admit he never punched them or kicked any of them. >> it requires the company to stop assigning vocational nurses to prisons and sheriff deputies
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go through health training every two years. an agreement monitored through federal oversight. >> protestors in san francisco today called for an end to violence against transgender people. a transgender woman was killed in her apartment last week. demonstrators say they see a rise in violence, especially towards people of color and would like to see more support services >> san francisco making an unprecedented push to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 including making street improvements and increasing enforcement. the city announced another strategy special training for truck drivers. >> it's not easy maneuvering a large vehicle, but thousands do
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it every day. >> all of the people are in the bikes and stuff, it's hard, very hard. >> mayor ed lee announced a new initiative designed to reduce accidents. over the last five years, large vehicles represented 4% of the collision buzz 17% of the pedestrian, and bicyclists' deaths. like this one, last year. a truck driver killed a bicyclist south of market and this accident. a recology truck crushed a little girl's foot. now, california trucking association will provide drivers and big rigs to create a safety video, capturing san francisco's unique challenges. >> details the drivers need and tourists in huge numbers and have numbers we don't see
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anywhere else >> we're requiring our truckers be they city employees o r >> it is an ambitious goal to make accidents like this a thing of the past. >> we need to do whatever we can to make it easy >> safety video should be ready to roll by the end of the month. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> all right well, we're enjoying beautiful weather here these days so not as windy and warmer. >> yes. >> a lot warmer is an understatement. just a few high clouds around and temperatures down into 50s. now, 60 degrees in mountain view and fremont. forecast features check out this
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view of the skyline. blue skies there, we'll see a big warm up record highs possible but hazardous beach conditions so you may want to hold off on the trip to the beach. here is our satellite image showing a big ridge of high pressure throughout the weekend. as this center moves inland will contribute to the warm up. weather getting warmer each day heading towards the end of the week. we do have a beach hazard statement from thursday through saturday for possibility of breakers because of a big, powerful storm generating swells. so, the beach may be a bit of a hazardous place to hang out over the next few days. clear skies and fog developing oaf central valley.
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some may sail through the straight and delta. clear skies with low temperatures into low to mid-40s. upper 40s to near 50 around the coastline. sunny skies and warm up begins on the south bay. and mid-60s on the coast. in pacifica and half moon bay. north bay mild, with high clouds there. sunny skies with highs of 70 in santa rosa. 68 son gnomea. east bay highs 70 at oakland and castro valley and fremont. by thursday friday, saturday we'll see high temperatures into
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mid to upper 70s and a cool down monday getting a little bit cooler still, tuesday. no sign of rain. saturday, valentine's day, a day you've got to love. >> my valentine's day chocolate is going to melt. >> let's eat it now. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead health insurance experts talk to 7 on your side. >> the taking your questions on covered california ♪
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a "selling machine!" ready for you alert, only at it's not too late to enroll in health insurance under covered california. >> yes. but you do need to hurry because enrollment deadline is sunday. >> let me start by giving you the telephone numbers. all experts will help get you signed up for health care. now, here is the reason you want to sign up not only do you need health care, but will cost you if you don't get health care. here to explain that is dana from covered california. the law says you've got to have
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health care or pay a fee a fine however you want to say it, right sf >> people are calling it a fee. for to 15 going to be higher than 2014. going to be $325 or 2% of your income, whichever st greater. for a family of a couple adults in there, they can up around a thousand dollars in penalty and still not have any insurance. >> so they pay the government a thousand dollars and have nothing to show for it? >> correct. and it's the as less costly to get insurance than pay the penalty. a couple in oakland making $40,000 above salary that is adjusted growth income if they're in oakland they'd be getting a 40-year-old about $450 of the tax cred writ going to lower premiums down to around
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$75 or $76 for a bronze plan. that is less than a thousand dollars. and so they'd have insurance pay money versus paying a penalty and being uncovered. >> if you want to know more about that now is the time to call. we can take care of nearly any language here so give us a call. >> very good. a great resource, thank you. >> developing news tonight on the future of anchor brian williams how long he'll be away from the nightly news desk, just ahead. >> white house confirms death of an american hostage. notification her family received from isis. >> and china's wealthy elite snatching up bay area homes. how far local realtors are
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nbc is suspended anchor
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brian williams for lying about his experience while covering the iraq war. his unpaid suspension will last six months this month he apologized for stating he'd been on board a army helicopter hit by a rocket propelled grenade in 2003. a group of military pilots revealed williams was on a different helicopter. >> police confirm they've made two arrests in sydney after foiling what they call a terrorist attack. authorities say they don't know what or who, the target might have been they seized a recording and flag a hunting knife and machete. >> for the first time tonight we're hearing from family and friends of kayla mueller. the 26-year-old arizona woman held hostage by isis. she left behind a letter and tonight, abc reporter karen travers has more on the life
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that ended too soon. >> there are many questions about the tragic death of kayla mueller. her family received a private message from their daughter's isis captors which included photographic evidence of her body. >> that information was shared with the intelligence community, concluding that kayla has in fact tied. >> but the u.s. government didn't know how, or when. isis claimed the 26-year-old was killed in a jordanian ire strike but offered no proof. u.s. and jordanian officials expressed skepticism then and now. >> there is no evidence of civilians in the target area prior to the coalition strike taking place. >> mueller was the last known american hostage. she was captured in syria in august 2013. today, her family released a letter she sent them last spring she wrote i have a lot of fight left inside of me. i am not breaking down. i will not give in no matter
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how long it takes the family said that kayla lived with purpose. they will work every day to honor her legacy. >> she has done more in her incredible 26 years than many could imagine doing in a lifetime. >> president obama spoke to her family today to offer his condolences. in a statement, he vowed to bring to justice those responsible for her captivity, and death. karen trasvers washington. >> tesla's ceo is threatening to fire some workers in china. and yelp bought eat 24 accepting orders from 20,000 restaurants the goal to raise that to a million restaurants that people
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reviewed on yelp. home depot said it plans to hire 1500 seasonal workers in the bay area. 80,000 around the country. that is about normal. but the number of available jobs is now at a 14-year high and more people are quitting jobs as well. here are the numbers from wall street the dow anded 139 points. and yelp up 6%. >> chinese home buyers pay cash for houses some sight unseen and real estate agents are pulling out stops to encourage them. vic lee has the story. >> it's a lieua tiff mass meeting. realtors meeting some of the wealthiest people in china. this one held in december in shanghai. highlighting elite properties from around the world. >> ready to come here to
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shanghai and compete with people for the projects. >> moern realtors have the upper hand. overseas chien yooes yeez spend $22 billion buying homes in the u.s. from march 2013 to 2014. that was up a whopping 72% from the year before. and in california is the biggest market. >> there is no loan contingency and no appraisal. >> we had one in the east bay, 53 offers and property went for $200,000 over asking price. >> is that one in the east bay a chinese who bought it? >> yes. >> potential buyers look at videos some buy them, sight unseen. michael repka is a
6:35 pm
ceo of a realitiy >> they get a sense of the neighborhood and house. then, they'll just wire money in. >> competition is stiff. the marketing strategy includes videos and a web sniet chinese. they bought a mercedes-benz van to take buyers to open houses. and to show the splendor of the bay area. and a lucky chinese number on the plane, not one, but two of them. local realtors are doing just about everything to get a slice of the chinese pie. realtors are asking cities to change addresses of homes chinese are interested in with a number four and that is because four means death in chinese a no sale. hillsborough realtor stanley lowe represented and sells homes like this one. $7 million, 6 bedrooms, two
6:36 pm
dining rooms, pool two-story guest house a seller is a chinese who wants a bigger home who are the clients? >> a combination of entrepreneurial businessmen, developers and real estate tycoons >> many homes remain vacant most of the year. they're called ghost houses like this $9 million property bought by a chinese family. >> they came and purchased the home. the purpose only to come here next summer. >> a middle class is now looking to invest in a safe haven. and what is more in china you never have homeownership. >> in china you sign a lease so nobody knows what is going to happen 70 years from now. right sf >> another good reason to buy american. >> very interesting. >> it is. >> join us on abc7 news at 6:00.
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technology that is developed he
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>> by now you may have seen the
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video of spot a robot that acts like a real dog and making rounds on you tube. >> jonathan bloom explains is it based on research here and technology that could one day save lives. >> last spring we got to visit with the makers of this robot. >> we create the best legged robotics on earth. >> just acquired by google, known for making big robots. one has something in common with wildcats. it runs on gasoline. >> there is a weight that is higher than that of a battery. >> they showed us something else they're working on. little guy is electric and now so is their newest robot, big dogs little brother calls spot. no fumes and hardly noise spot can tip toe around indoors
6:41 pm
>> uneven with jagged rocks. there is not a tractor. a vehicle can go over that terrain. >> spot was built on a careful study of how real animals move. there is a term for that. bio inspired robotics research happened here at uc berkeley. >> animals are better than what we understand about animals that we can make our robots. >> the lizard with whip it's sail around so it swings the tail. and robot will turn. >> fearing was most impressed with how the cyber canine missed a system. >> already, robots like rix are being used for search and rescue. a trick spot could be learning, soon, because legs can go where wheels can't.
6:42 pm
>> idea is that these will be able to go places where it's too dangerous for people to go. >> so weird. >> yes. >> that is wild. >> right. yes. >> just ahead here, more calls to seven on your side health care hot line. >> phone in questions when sends him a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!"
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get your calls about covered california. >> time is moving and enrollment is on sunday. michael finney is live with >> overwhelmed and want to call in for the east bay agency from children. >> all kinds from people retired or working or qualify for medical. >> what is the largest
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misunderstanding? >> in terms of what? >> terms of the program what. do people not understand? >> they need to purchase health insurance or will get fined when they do tax returns. so everyone needs to be covered i think some people are not sure about that. >> people are hoping it's not kicking in. last year fines were so low. this year, it's not the case. >> this year is 1% or $95 whichever is higher. 1% of your salary. >> i think it's 2%. isn't it, this year? >> for 2016, yes. >> okay. >> got it. very good. thank you for your time. this shows how complicated this is.
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we're going to be here until 8:00 so give us a call. reporting live from the 7 on your side offices i'm michael finney. >> thank you very much. >> tonight at 11:00 michael will be here with a fit bit follow up. san francisco company just released three new activity trackers to replace one that caused terrible rashes. >> getting super red and itchy. so sorry this happened, again. >> tonight latest claims on abc7 news at 11:00. >> tune in for that. right now, let's refocus on the forecast. >> that is right. >> clear skies and going to look that way. tomorrow, sunny skies that
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includes a warm up around 70 degrees around the bay, shore line low 70s inland locations and here is your event planner. tomorrow, thursday and friday mid-70s great weather for government. we've got report highs coming our way thursday and friday. low 70s on the coast and cool down a little bit monday president's day. and no rain in sight. >> perfect golf clinic. >> yes.
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>> it's welcome relieve.
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tonight people are snatching up lottery tickets hoping to win what is going to be one of the top power ball jackpots. >> estimates are four # $5 million. >> the next drawing is 8:00 tomorrow night. we hate to break it to you but we have an office pool on this. we've all put in money for tickets and we're going to win it. >> hopefully. >> we'll let you know. >> don't even buy a ticket it's ours. giants versus 49ers abc7 mike shumann joins us live with trash
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talking, shu. >> any time there is going to be trash being talked. i'm going to let jerry rice set the theme for you. >> no better place to be, right? >> this is so beautiful. it's going to be an awesome challenge. >> you're the x factor. iet will be fun and a good time. hopefully, everybody enjoys it. owe are you nervous? >> yes. yes. >> nervous? >> look. i am a veteran of professional
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nothing. yes. i don't know. >> you active players against retired players an advantage, right sf >> an advantage for them they have nothing to do but go, play golf all the time. so just play golf. >> so wyatt clark won it. >> it's always tough. yeah. we -- it's good old guys came out on top, finally.
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>> niners?+
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here is our second group of semifinalists -- a high-school latin teacher from cape charles, virginia... a fifth- and sixth-grade teacher from starksboro, vermont... and a third-grade teacher from longmont, colorado... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. hi, folks. with adam's win on yesterday's program talk has now begun about the possibility of a beard-off in this year's final because, tomorrow, we have a bearded contestant coming. we have eric here today. with regard to tomorrow, we're trying to get the lady to shave, but...
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[ laughter ] jennifer -- don't underestimate the women. jennifer and kate, good luck to you. and to you, too, eric. here we go into the jeopardy! round today. and today, we have these categories. that will be followed by... and finally... each correct response will begin with the letter "e." all right, jennifer, start. let's go with food & drink $200. eric. what is a pineapple? right. food & drink, $400. jennifer. what is ham? good. food & drink, $600. jennifer. what is hansen's? that's it.


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